JET Token Bounty is Live: 25 million Tokens Will Be Distributed!

• GameJet Network has announced the social media and YouTube bounty of the JET token

• Out of 1 billion supply 9% is allotted for marketing and 2.5% of which is assigned for pre-listing bounty program

• Participants needs to complete the simple social media tasks or create articles or video and claim their JET token rewards

  • Reward is set to be distributed on July 13th

Follow the links to Participate :

About Project :

GameJet Network is new in this emerging market. We have come up with a gaming platform built on Tron blockchain TRC20. GameJet emphasized facilitating multipurpose incentives including new token economics to assist in high-quality, throughput, and decentralized gaming experience.

Jet is a Tron blockchain-based TRC20 token developed as a fundraising token on the GameJet platform. This token is intentionally launched to offer high-performance in the domain of gaming network protocol. This platform is a simple, affordable, secure, and reliable stop for every gamer interested to make their own portfolio.

After the launch of the official platform, we have initiated the social media and YouTube bounty program to gather a huge user base. The program starts (Bounty Round 1) on 12th June 2021. Once the closure is declared, our team will distribute the rewards by 11th July. Out of 1 billion supply 9% is allotted for marketing and 2.5% of which is assigned for pre-listing bounty program

Social Media Bounty Program

Decentralised Finance platform GameJet Network is starting with the start of its social media bounty program. We are inviting crypto enthusiasts with social media flair to actively spread the word about the GameJet project and our upcoming protocols.

After completing the assigned tasks, you can earn JET tokens with enormous benefits. The interested participants need to perform the specific social media tasks, and accordingly, you will be rewarded with specified amounts of JET tokens.

The user can create content related to the GameJet project or features presenting us. You can also indulge in some YouTube videos, blog posts, and infographics to raise our awareness on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, Quora, LinkedIn, or Medium to get paid.


• Avoid multiple accounts registrations

• Do not spam, abuse, and insult any commentaries

• Accounts with negative trust will not be eligible

• The social media account must have at least 100 genuine friends/followers

YouTube Bounty Program

The bounty program will bonus/reward you for your efforts and engagement. We believe in ‘the better the content quality the more we will reward according to the type of articles and pieces.’

The user needs to have their own working YouTube channel in the blockchain and cryptocurrency niche having 2000+ followers. If you meet the eligibility criteria, it’s time for you to register for the bounty program of GameJet and earn JET tokens by making videos about us and our project.

If you have your cryptocurrency blog or working for external projects, with an audience interested in blockchain, you can readily prepare and post articles or ideas like blog articles, news reports, forum posts, platform, product, company, token, technology reviews related to GameJet and JET token.

You can submit your profile link here to participate.

We are all set to cross the following hurdles with a brainstorming plan that are set for release by GameJet Network:

● Trusted partnerships with game developers and trusted platforms

● Attain 50K gamers right after the closure of bounty programs

● A fundraising campaign for developments

● Most awaited protocol developments

● 3 Year platform development

● Drive in a strong core development and management team

About GameJet Network

GameJet is relatively a new platform that intends to become the leader in blockchain gaming applications. Though we are a newcomer in the digital economy of the gaming sector, however, we believe to touch the sky very soon. We are ready to arrange a show after our entrance into the market with a flash.

All plans are set in position and will soon be released with the official whitepaper. Our team is working to introduce the overall structure, and the emerging team of experts behind the platform.

Our team is effortlessly working behind the GameJet platform to create and design an enhanced, incredible, and secure blockchain protocol. We will soon release a set of applications that will unite developers, publishers, investors, traders, and players to attain a satisfying experience and a completely new gaming era.

GameJet has developed smart contracts and decentralized programs from the developers’ end to tie up with resources. Moreover, in the future, we will deploy mobile and online games providing a high blockchain throughput, quick, scalable, safe, and connected to virtual assets.

We will always choose the right for our clients sorting every essential requirement and keeping it in mind due to the basic tendency to invest the tokens. Now, gamers can easily convert and transfer their in-game currencies over distinct multiple stations and gaming platforms.

Follow and keep an eye on the latest announcements on our social channels. Don’t forget to miss out on any releases!



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Decentralized Online Gaming Protocol Powered By $JET Token and #Tron Blockchain

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Decentralized Online Gaming Protocol Powered By $JET Token and #Tron Blockchain

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