Introducing JET Token: Welcome to GameJet Network.

We are happy to bring you the new JET token, A TRC20, a tron blockchain cryptocurrency built by Gamejet Network, the Blockchain Gaming and NFT Network.

$JET will be the Community-Based utility token for all projects/games associated with Gamejet. On top of that, it comes with several important DeFi features on the Tron Blockchain.

Token address :

JET Token Tokenomics

The JET token will be used to facilitate our platform governance and boost engagement by developers, players & traders.

The current token economy is shared below. The $JET token metrics are structured to capture network participants who share our vision for the long term success of the project.

Tokens will be rewarded to users and creators as soon as the platform is live. However to ensure transparency we will be vesting/locking our team tokens and reward/liquidity mining tokens.

This lockup is especially important to increase trust for our early investors and Community. Buyers and users of the platform should be able to accumulate and hold JET without worrying that team members will sell large amounts of tokens all at once.

Token Name : Gamejet
Symbol : JET
Platform : TRC20 — Tron Blockchain
Total Supply : 1 Billion


● Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 JET

● Circulating supply : 1,000,000,000

● Public Sale : 40%

● Liquidity Lock : 20%

● Initial Burnin : 20%

● 9% Marketing & business development tokens , locked For 6 Months Upon listing,

● 7% team & advisory tokens locked for 1 year,

● 4% GameJet Network: To empower digital creators through our NFT Launchpad.


Purpose of the JET token

$JET will be used for the following:

● Incentivizing creators: rewarding creators who create and add Games and NFTs to the JET platform.

● Maintaining Governance: decisions to integrate new protocols, edit pool parameters, edit risk parameters, etc

● Fee Discounts: the token can be used for discounts on the JET platform

How the Presale funding will be used

● 45% of the funds will be used to support the development team to build and enhance our product

● Marketing actions such as partnerships, awareness and go-to market strategy will account for 15% of the total funds raised

● Legal and Accountancy will represent 5% of the total funds raised

● 35% of funds will be used to provide liquidity to exchanges

For more updates you can follow us on the media

Twitter | Telegram | Reddit| Facebook




Decentralized Online Gaming Protocol Powered By $JET Token and #Tron Blockchain

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Decentralized Online Gaming Protocol Powered By $JET Token and #Tron Blockchain

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