Introducing GameJet Network, Blockchain Protocol for Decentralized Gaming .

We bring you to you the all new GameJet network with the scope of becoming the leader in Blockchain Gaming apps.

GameJet Network team has come together to create a super cool and scalable blockchain protocol that unites developers, publishers and players to experience a whole new gaming experience.

We will build smart contracts and programs that will help developers to collaborate with resources to design and build mobile and online games with complete blockchain throughput. Fast, Scalable and connected to crypto.

The team has initiated the operations with initial partnerships to support the development of our protocol and a full swing movement of work has begun.

To Support the developments we are aiming to host a fundraising event through our native currency JET , a token built on Tron Blockchain ( TRC20 ).

Gamers are able to convert and transfer their in-game currencies across multiple platforms and games. The Tap plugin built for Unity and Unreal, increases discoverability, engagement, cross-platform play and revenue for developers using a tiered transactional revenue model.

We will shortly be releasing our Whitepaper !

GameJet Milestones !

● Partnerships with Game developers

● 50K Gamers by first quarters

● Fundraising for Developments

● Protocol Developments

● 3 Year Platform Development and Strong Core Development Team

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Decentralized Online Gaming Protocol Powered By $JET Token and #Tron Blockchain