GameJet YouTube Bounty is Live, Inviting YouTubers to Win Rewards

2 min readAug 28, 2021


  • GameJet has announced a YouTube bounty of $2000 worth TRX and $JET token rewards.
  • Help us spread the word over YouTube and other video mediums.
  • Top engagement users will receive TRX + JET tokens, other participants will earn $JET tokens.
  • The program will end on 10 September 2021.

Welcome GameJet Community,
After an overwhelming three months of the GameJet Bounty Campaign, we are entering the next phase in our YouTube Bounty Campaign and hence, will soon come to an end to the Airdrop and Referral campaign.

We are starting with the GameJet YouTube bounty distributing $30000 worth of TRX and $JET token rewards. You can help us spread positive influence over YouTube and other video mediums.
We have decided to reward the top engagement users with bulk TRX + JET tokens, and other participants can freely earn $JET tokens.

The YouTube airdrop program will end on 10 September 2021. The interested participants need to choose the below-mentioned tasks, complete and submit the work done. Check out the list of tasks,
topics of video content, and requirements to meet the eligibility criteria.

Create and publish videos on your YouTube and other visual channels
Video topic must include:

1. Project review
2. Presale on 10 September 2021
3. Token prediction to reach $5 in 1 month
4. Token is to be used for gaming and entertainment purpose.

Video Requirements

  • Catchy title “The Best Tron Gaming Token, Presale Soon” or “GameJet- The Blockchain Gaming is Booming, Claim Free Tokens”.
  • Add Good Description with website and social media links.
  • Standard video duration.

We are truly humbled by the support and love shown to GameJet by the community. Do not wait for
the very last chance to sign up for the GameJet YouTube Airdrop campaign. If you haven’t joined us
for the referral program, you can do it right away:

Step1- Sign up for the GameJet referral program on the official page.
Step2- Verify your email address used in the above step.
Step3- Join our social platforms for the next update.
If the user follows all the steps, you can earn 100 JET tokens by referring your friends, colleagues,
or acquaintances. You can do this by sharing your unique referral link and receive 100 JET tokens
for every verified referral.

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