GameJet Presents a Roadmap to Integrate Blockchain Technology with Gaming!

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  • A short description of the current gaming industry
  • GameJet reveals its sophisticated roadmap with clear future plans.
  • 2021 Quarter 2: Project planning, official website launch, whitepaper release, JET token development, bounty program, token launch, and token distribution.
  • 2021 Quarter 3: Presale launch, first game setup, 10% token burning event, presale ends, 4 game integration with JET tokens, and partnership event with the Russian team.
  • 2022 Quarter 1: List JET token on top 3 exchanges, JET blockchain beta protocol launch, JET gaming box launch i.e. AI gaming, and JET tokens multi-chain feature.

There is news related to NFTs, blockchain technology, and gaming that is receiving noticeable attention in the industry right now. Amid the recent craze in this cryptocurrency gaming industry, blockchain gaming project- GameJet officially releases their roadmap [milestone with sophisticated future plan updates] to complete the world of gaming and entertainment with upcoming blasts.

GameJet gives value to gamers’ day-to-day activities like playing online competitive games and uploading game-related content to the virtual portals, by offering rewards and bonuses in our native cryptocurrency, JET.

Now that gaming is becoming a mega trend in this emerging blockchain market, we intend to lead the global market by becoming expertise and most wanted representative platform in terms of distributing digital assets based on actual demand. Not only granting the demands but also creating an amazing set of gaming protocols to demonstrate the true value of an online gaming projects developed on blockchain.

We are very happy to announce our exclusive roadmap to take GameJet’s development goals to the next level. Our team has carefully released GameJet future plans for the next year. After many years of development projects, newcomers, and early access, the requisite hype from our user community really propelled us in our desire to achieve them at any cost. Finally, we’ve here to lay out the details!

GameJet believes that the player is a lot more end-game content, unique digital assets, trading and merging systems, competitive and tournaments in games, talents in the industry, etc. Indeed, we are looking forward to revolutionizing the game to more social, reliable, free to access, approachable, and most importantly, introducing a truly decentralized ecosystem on GameJet.

Although, we always consider our players as a priority and always in mind, one of our peculiar goals is to forge a game where blockchain technology can truly convey itself to be a compliment adding a completely new dimension to this gaming industry.

GameJet Network Roadmap

2021 Quarter 2

  • May

Project Planning Meet up

Launch of Website (beta version)

  • July

Launch of Whitepaper

Begin the development of JET Gaming Protocol

  • August

Launch of Bounty Program

Token Launch on TRC Blockchain

Token Distribution to Participants

2021 Quarter 3

  • September

Presale Launch

Our First Game Launch Setup

10% burning event

  • Oct

Launch our first game (beta version)

Token Listing

10% Burning Event

Presale End

  • Nov

Game Integration with JET Token

Launch 4 Games with JET integrations

  • Dec

Launch JET Blockchain Gaming Protocol

Partnership event with the Russian team

2022 Quarter 1

• January

List the JET token on any 3 exchange from the top 50 lists

JET Blockchain beta Protocol Launch

  • March

JET Gaming Box Launch (AI Gaming)

JET Tokens multi-chain feature

There are many more exclusive features we desire to give our players to help us govern the game better. We are following our ultimate goal to eventually develop a game where anyone can freely vote for the direction they dream the game should head in, and GameJet will make sure that their vote counts. This way, our team finds an incredibly healthy ways to help a community in exploring the longevity of the game.

By sketching out plans will also make things much easier for the developers. We believe in a community that can raise its own voice related to the demands and requirements needed for future games. GameJet also believe that game development should be done with gamers, players, the governance system, and enthusiasts in mind. This will indeed help a team develop an ecosystem with a good ending and give a great start on the journey to release fantastic games.

If you haven’t joined us, you can also follow us right away on our social communities to stay up to date with our progress. Also, if you wish to try our game feel free to try it out on GameJet Network.

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