GameJet Presale is Live! Go Get Your JET

4 min readSep 21, 2021


GameJet Presale is Live! Go Get Your JET
  • We are happy to announce that the GameJet presale is live with a 15% target already sold out.
  • The JET token is the first-ever Tron-based blockchain gaming token to attain high demands.
  • GameJet Presale is attracting new users along with the potential buyers.
  • Experts predict this clause to be big where a pump of 100x is envisioned soon after token listing.
  • The token is expected to embrace more elevation after the game is launched.

Hello GameJet Community, #JetArmy

We are very excited to announce our presale for the $JET token is live from 17 September and can’t wait to reveal the exclusive range of new games in the near and long term. Indeed, we believe our project and platform future releases will offer great options for cryptocurrency enthusiasts worldwide to
explore the overall gaming industry.

GameJet presale is not only attracting new users but also bringing in potential buyers to raise the reputation and value of the project. You can consider this as just another big step for our ecosystem to promote gamer’s spirit and we hope to see you all being a part of it.

The JET token presale is ongoing at . You can Visit and get your tokens right away. We have created a simple user interface for participants to freely access the platform and our functionality.

We believe to attain large user adoption by empowering the currency to eventually increase its value and demand for GameJet (JET). Now if your time to buy your JET tokens with a single click. It will take few minutes and your wallet will be full of JET tokens to further invest in bigger deals.

Note : GameJet JET Token Presale Price : 1 TRX = 25 JET | Minimum purchase is 100 TRX.
1. 2000 + TRX Purchase: 3% Bonus
2. 10000 + TRX Purchase: 5% Bonus
3. 25000 + TRX Purchase: 10% Bonus
4. 50000 + TRX Purchase: 20% Bonus

Details About the $JET Tokens

GameJet (JET) is a native currency of parent platform. This currency uses peer-to-peer technology to operate eliminating central authority/banks; manipulating transactions that are executed collectively by the network. You do not have to entertain any central control over your token. Experts share their prediction on our decision to release 3 mini and casino games along with the commencement of JET token presale. According to their observation as far as GameJet position and work task is concerned, this seems to be a big move where a pump of 100x is envisioned soon after token listing.

$JET, the token behind the GameJet gaming and entertainment platform is ready to get distributed in its presale with 40% of the total token supply. After the presale, GameJet will start adding liquidity and list.
JET tokens on demanding and popular platforms like JustSwap. In the ongoing presale, we have generated a report ensuring 10% targets of tokens are already sold out.

GameJet is a Defi, NFT Tron-based gaming platform backed by the $JET token designed to be a highly secure hoard of value that can effortlessly be staked to earn trustless profits and interest. $JET is a TRC20 token of the Tron blockchain network that is created to play a significant role in how the multi-
purpose currency will operate.

Functions of the GameJet $JET Tokens

​​ Sending digital assets: Referring to the automatic conversion rate, the user can easily convert digital asset to the equivalent token and transfer them to an address of your choice.

Receiving digital assets: The user can receive digital asset at GameJet or convert them to other asset currency.

Buying/selling digital assets: GameJet allow users to buy/sell digital asset seamlessly and profitably.

Payment solutions: We provide an integrated payment module to enable users pay for specified games, solutions, and services.

P2P swapping: Our platform let users to freely associate with Defi platforms and quickly swap in-game asset for digital coins and vice versa.

Liquidity management: GameJet platform plans to handle liquidity for advanced traders using the exchange re-marketer strategy to fulfill every buy/sell order executed on the platform.

Revenue for $JET token: We intend to gather revenue using different fees like liquidity management fees, transaction fees, withdrawal fees, etc.

About GameJet and JET Tokens

Using JET token, we believe that lack of technical experience, security, and user interface and experience are the fundamental challenges dashing mass adoption of digital currencies. This is the core reason to build GameJet project inheriting all the necessary interfaces and user experiences with advanced facets.

We will leverage blockchain technology to allow users easily store the user private keys offline, control the recovery base for backups, and offer accounting functionalities. Our team is also designing the
platform with multi-asset system to basically support digital currencies at a larger scale and publicize JET tokens.

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