GameJet has announced the new revised Bounty program 2.0

2 min readSep 28, 2021


Welcome GameJet Community,
We are happy to announce that Jet token is still open for presale. GameJet has raised almost 40% JET tokens in this presale event with a 20% target already sold out. The rewards are set to be distributed on 05/10/2021.

You can claim free rewards with 250 JET tokens by completing the below-mentioned tasks. After task completion, submit your TronLink wallet address with required details in the submission form: Submit Here

Note: The user needs to submit their TronLink Wallet address, Twitter Profile Link, and Telegram ID.

Few terms and conditions for the GameJet Bounty campaign 2.0. are quite simple:
a) Posting on Twitter
b) Posting on Facebook
c) Being active in Telegram
d) Following GameJet Website

Wrap Up

We have organized this revised bounty program version 2.0 with the required vision and systematic approach. The core intention behind this bounty is both promotions and to demonstrate relations with reputed members/leaders of the blockchain community.
We believe in both give and take. GameJet invites every interested participant to willingly join us in our journey of success. We hope to find your help to fulfill our successful plan of the bounty program!
If you have any more suggestions or creative ideas that we can add to our bounty campaign then you can share through comments. We will be happy to review, discuss and add if decided.

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