Biggest Gaming and NFT Platform, GameJet has announced its Bounty Program

3 min readAug 22, 2021


  • GameJet Network started the social media bounty program to spread the word.
  • Out of 1 billion supply 9% tokens are allotted for marketing purposes and 2.5% tokens are raised for pre-listing bounty programs.
  • Candidates can pick any task like content writing, video creation, social media engagements and complete them to claim their JET token rewards.
  • Rewards will be distributed after the closure of the bounty event, yet the end date of the event is not disclosed.
  • Here is the link to join the event-
  • 50 JET is raised for the registration program and 50 JET is raised for referral reward campaign.
  • To start with the referral event, connect your Tron wallet (Tronlink) to withdraw the earned rewards.

Welcome GameJet Community,

We are happy to announce that we are exceeding the closure of a bounty program held to boost the raise of JET tokens. We have yet not decided the end date to conclude the program, however, once we meet our expected capital value, we will officially place an announcement.

GameJet is performing at great heights after the launch of referral, airdrop and bounty programs. The value has been improvising along with our reputation in the marketplace. We are not only working on future developments but also come up with a profitable news- Our NFT platform application is all set to be released anytime soon.

We have wrapped up with the setup and design process, the development phase is still under process. Soon we will perform the tests in order to release it for public use. This application will exceptionally support advanced functionalities, boost the revenue, bring in reliable community base, offers user a desired place to invest and buy real-time digital assets, and more.

GameJet Network intends to facilitate a gaming and development application to allow players purchase any games and in-game assets with its native JET tokens. This token is a utility asset built on the TRC-20 standard Tron-based protocols.

JET tokens will completely leverage the Tron ecosystem to easily integrate the major working protocols and technology with the modern infrastructure. JET token has total supply of 1,000,000,000 JET (1B) availability on the GameJet platform.

Bounty Program Details

Our Bounty campaign is announced to raise the credibility of GameJet platform and meet an extensive user base. This event commenced on 12 June 2021. The date of closure is yet not decided, however after successfully termination of the event, we will eventually distribute the rewards earned.

Out of 1 billion total supply, 9% tokens are raised for marketing purposes and 2.5% tokens are kept for the pre-listing bounty program. The participants need to complete any chosen tasks assigned for social media bounty and then claim free JET tokens. Additionally, we ask the candidates to submit their TRC20 address for instant reward transfer.

1. Follow, like, comment, and RT at least 5 posts on the GameJet Twitter account

2. Join, and comment about the project, events, tokens, etc. on the GameJet Telegram account

3. Follow, like, and comment on the GameJet Reddit channel

4. Follow, like, and comment on GameJet Medium channel

5. Follow, like, and comment on GameJet Facebook account

6. Visit, register, and refer to the GameJet official website

Once the task is completed, please submit your TRC20 address, Twitter profile link, along with Telegram ID here:

Registration and Referral Program

Based on the feedback and response, we have also released our registration and referral reward program access on GameJet Network. We are here to offer sophisticated entry to the defi world using blockchain technology attributes.

Moreover, 50 JET tokens are raised for registration program and 50 JET tokens will be distributed for referral reward campaign. The user needs to connect their Tron wallet (Tronlink) to withdraw your earned rewards.

In case of any queries, we are available on social channels, please feel free to contact us!

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