GameJet Will Be Launching 3 Games in October
  • GameJet has successfully achieved 1, 50,000+ active players and is steadily booming in the gaming ecosystem.
  • As per last week’s meeting with the European blockchain developer, we have decided to launch 3 games in the month of October.
  • The games are likely to be casino games and some small games…
Announcing The Game Changer GameJet JET Token Presale Event!
  • GameJet is a blockchain gaming and NFT platform powered by the JET token.
  • The platform has a well-designed roadmap with the best appealing whitepaper.
  • The project stats are already booming with the Tron community as it is built on a TRC20 blockchain.
  • There are quite rare projects in Tron network…


Decentralized Online Gaming Protocol Powered By $JET Token and #Tron Blockchain

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