Welcome GameJet Community,
We are happy to announce that Jet token is still open for presale. GameJet has raised almost 40% JET tokens in this presale event with a 20% target already sold out. The rewards are set to be distributed on 05/10/2021.

You can claim free rewards with 250…

  • Jet token is currently in Presale, GameJet Presale is attracting new users along with the potential buyers.
  • We have a piece of good news about the JET token that it has successfully sold out 23% out of The total allotted token supply and is still going in demand.
  • GameJet is…


  • A short description of the current gaming industry
  • GameJet reveals its sophisticated roadmap with clear future plans.
  • 2021 Quarter 2: Project planning, official website launch, whitepaper release, JET token development, bounty program, token launch, and token distribution.
  • 2021 Quarter 3: Presale launch, first game setup, 10% token burning event…

GameJet Presale is Live! Go Get Your JET
  • We are happy to announce that the GameJet presale is live with a 15% target already sold out.
  • The JET token is the first-ever Tron-based blockchain gaming token to attain high demands.
  • GameJet Presale is attracting new users along with the potential buyers.
  • Experts predict this clause to be big…

  • GameJet JET- the world’s first Tron-based gaming and NFT project token presale is set to launch on Friday 17 th September.
  • The presale will run for 7 days distributing 40% tokens out of the total supply.
  • The token is estimated to mark 100x in the first 30 days as there…

GameJet Will Be Launching 3 Games in October
  • GameJet has successfully achieved 1, 50,000+ active players and is steadily booming in the gaming ecosystem.
  • As per last week’s meeting with the European blockchain developer, we have decided to launch 3 games in the month of October.
  • The games are likely to be casino games and some small games…

Announcing The Game Changer GameJet JET Token Presale Event!
  • GameJet is a blockchain gaming and NFT platform powered by the JET token.
  • The platform has a well-designed roadmap with the best appealing whitepaper.
  • The project stats are already booming with the Tron community as it is built on a TRC20 blockchain.
  • There are quite rare projects in Tron network…

  • GameJet has announced a YouTube bounty of $2000 worth TRX and $JET token rewards.
  • Help us spread the word over YouTube and other video mediums.
  • Top engagement users will receive TRX + JET tokens, other participants will earn $JET tokens.
  • The program will end on 10 September 2021.

Welcome GameJet…

  • GameJet Network started the social media bounty program to spread the word.
  • Out of 1 billion supply 9% tokens are allotted for marketing purposes and 2.5% tokens are raised for pre-listing bounty programs.
  • Candidates can pick any task like content writing, video creation, social media engagements and complete them to…

· GameJet is ready to kickstart its registration and referral reward program to evenly distribute JET tokens.

· 50 JET is allotted as registration and the next 50 JET is assigned for referral reward campaign.

· Connect your Tron wallet (Tronlink) to withdraw your collected rewards instantly.

· Next schedules…


Decentralized Online Gaming Protocol Powered By $JET Token and #Tron Blockchain

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